Angel City is a city in the RPG Game Pockie Ninja. It is not one of the cities you get to choose from the beginning, so it is accessible to all. You can accept missions there from the Ninja Master, as can heal and restore your charkra, as you can with your home village.

Description[edit | edit source]

People built Angel City near Demon City to suppress the evil forces there. The Angel City is guarded in turn by excellent ninja and samurai from the five villages. This mystic city stands upright the mountain soaring above the sky. Thick wall and solid gate protect the city from any detection. Buildings in Angel City shine like ivory under the sun. Guards wearing black suits stand on the wall in perfect unison, monitoring surrounding activities. Atmosphere inside Angel City is lively and peaceful, shops and martial clubs are everywhere. Hospitable citizens live and work in contentment. Misty cloud covers the city so that it looks like a charming fantasy land from afar.

Backround Music[edit | edit source]

Note: song plays twice

Angel City.png

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