The Arena

The Arena

The arena is a place in any village and Angel City where many go to battle each other in order to gain a higher rank and tokens which you can use to exchange for items or EXP.

Opponent List

Opponent list

The openents list is made up of people from different levels which you battle to raise your rank and earn tokens. Once you battle the oponent, the person will have a large red circle over their image with the words defeted. The higher the level you are, the higher level your opponents will be. Once you defete all opponents in that row, you are allowed to choose a card from the left side that words similar to that of the exploration. It's a high chance that those cards carry specual armor that is only gained through the arena. Once all the cards have ben chosen, the opponent list will refresh automatically.

From the top, you may choose to cash in you tokens for prizes. Lucky Draw is for choosing a jar to break open. And Refresh, is to refresh to opponent list. But, you only get one refresh per hour.

Arena Menu


Swap Skills: Brings you to the skills menu where you can change your skills as you please

Swap Gear: Brings you to your backpack where you can switch armors and/or use items

Find Duel: Opens a window called Ninjitsu Duel that shows a large list of opponents which you may choose to duel with. Alike the other list, the higher your level, the higher the level of your opponents will be.

World Combat: opens a window that shows other players paired up for duels. You can bet on one person per battle.

Join tomorrows match button will allow you to sign up for tomorrows world tournament match.

Newbies Guide will open a window that will tell you all about the world tournament

My matches will show matches you won or lost

My Bets will show all the bets you made

National Leauge: For the National League. It's not open as of yet.

Disciple: Opens a window to show your Guideance Room. That is where you take on an apprentice or, see your progress as an apprentice if you have a master.

Arena Announcements

Arena Announcements

The announcements shown to the right of the menu show who you have defeted or, who has defeted you. As well how many points are reduced and increased.

Rank Bar

Rank Bar

The Rank bar shows how much further you have to go before your next rank which is displayed on the right side. And the rank you are currently at. The more battles you lose, the lower your points will go.
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