Helm Name Level Requirement Defense Description
Child's Hat 3 +24 Hat patterned with adorable pictures. Worn by village children.
Ironwok Hat 13 +34 An iron wok used for cooking, doesn't provide much defense.
Light Leather Hat 23 +44 Leather Hat crafted from ordinary hide, regulaly worn by hunters.
Veiled Faceguard 33 +55 Basic ninja wear. Hides it's wearer's tracks during movement.
Flamecloud Hat 43 +65 Battle Helm is crafted from the flamecloud ores of lave, provides excellent defense.
Catspring Helm 53 +75 Helm is crafted to imitate the hunting panther's grace, bestowing its wearer with great agility.
Netherchill Battle Helm 63 +86 Netherchill Battle helm with the emanated netherfrost aura is not tolerable by most. Only those of hardened constitution can do this.
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