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The characters in Pockie Ninja range from both the anime of Bleach and Naruto, two of the top three anime currently showing.

Character Chart

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Character Chart

Name Gender Rarity Weapon Type Note

PN Mascots

Little Jun Male Orange ALL Vitality
Little Meng Female Orange ALL Illusion

Naruto Characters

Kabuto Male Orange All Heal NEW
Suigetsu Male Orange Sharp Water
2nd Hokage Male Orange Sharp Water S-Rank Pot
Sasuke Uchiha Male Orange Sharp Lightning Starter Character
Hebi Sasuke Male Orange Sharp Lightning
Orochimaru Male Orange Sharp Seal
Itachi Uchiha Male Orange Sharp Illusion
Pein Male Orange Sharp Illusion S-Rank Pot
3rd Hokage Male Orange Sharp Heal
Hidan Male Orange Sharp Vitality
Jiraiya Male Orange Blunt Fire
Kisame Hoshigaki Male Orange Blunt Water
Gaara Male Orange Blunt Earth
Kakashi Hatake Male Orange Blunt Lightning
Naruto Kyuubi Form Male Orange Fists Fire Event Only
Deidara Male Orange Fists Earth
Yamato Male Orange Fists Earth
Naruto Uzumaki Male Orange Fists Wind Starter Character
Sage Naruto Male Orange Fists Wind
The 4th Hokage Male Orange Fists Wind
Kakuzu Male Orange Fists Vitality
Zabuza Momochi Male Blue Sharp Water
Scorpion Male Blue Blunt Ninja
Neji Hyūga Male Blue Fist Vitality
Rock Lee Male Blue Fist Vitality
Asuma Sarutobi Male Grey Sharp Fire
Choji Akimichi Male Grey Blunt Vitality
Kiba Inuzuka Male Grey Blunt Vitality
Shikamaru Nara Male Grey Blunt Illusion
Shino Aburame Male Grey Fists Ninja
Guren Female Orange All Fire
Konan Female Orange Blunt Fire S-Rank Pot
Hinata Hyuuga (hime-cut) Female Orange All Taijutsu S-Rank Pot
Sakura Haruno Female Orange Blunt Vitality Starter Character
Mizukage Female Orange Fist Water S-Rank Pot
Hinata Hyūga Female Orange Fist Vitality
Karin Female Orange Fist Heal
Tsunade Female Orange Fist Heal
Haku Female Blue Sharp Water
Temari Female Blue Blunt Wind
Ino Yamanaka Female Blue Fist Illusion
Tenten Female Grey Sharp Ninja
Kurenai Yūhi Female Grey Sharp Illusion
Anko Mitarashi Female Grey Blunt Seal
Shizune Female Grey Fist Heal

Bleach Characters

White Ichigo Male Orange Sharp Fire
Ichigo Kurosaki Male Orange Sharp Fire Starter Character
Byakuya Kuchiki Male Orange Sharp Ninja
Aizen Male Orange Sharp Illusion
Bomb Ichigo Male Orange Blunt Fire
Hollowfied Ulquiorra Male Orange Fist Heal
Ichimaru Gin Male Blue Sharp Ninja
Ulquiorra Male Blue Sharp Heal
White Ulquiorra Male Blue Sharp Heal
Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez Male Blue Blunt Vitality
Hollowfied Grimmjow Male Blue Blunt Vitality
Hitsugaya Toshiro Male Blue Fists Water
Hollowfield Hirako Shinji Male Blue Fists Earth
Zangetsu Male Blue Fists Ninja
Love Aikawa Male Grey Blunt Fire
Renji Abarai Male Grey Blunt Lightning
Hirako Shinji Male Grey Fist Earth
Ggio Vega Male Grey Fist Wind
Halibel Female Orange Sharp Water
Kuchiki Rukia Female Orange Sharp Water Starter Character
Kotetsu Isane Female Orange Sharp Lightning
Nelliel Female Orange Sharp Seal
Inoue Orihime Female Orange Sharp Heal Starter Character
Mashiro Kuna Female Orange Blunt Wind
Tatsuki Arisawa Female Orange Blunt Vitality
Shihouin Yoruichi Female Orange Fist Wind
Shiba Kuukaku Female Orange Fist Illusion
Lisa Yadōmaru Female Blue Blunt Fire
Kusajishi Yachiru Female Blue Blunt Lightning
Soifon Female Blue Fist Wind
Hinamori Momo Female Grey Sharp Fire
Rangiku Matsumoto Female Grey Sharp Ninja
Nanao Ise Female Grey Blunt Water
Sarugaki Hiyori Female Grey Blunt Vitality
Kurotsuchi Nemu Female Grey Fist Heal

Holiday Characters

Christmas (Male) Male Blue All Illusion X-mas Special
Christmas (Female) Female Blue All Ninja X-mas Special


 Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro
 Shinsui Kyoraku
Shinsui Kyoraku
 Kyuubi Naruto
Kyuubi Naruto
 Uzumaki Naruto
Uzumaki Naruto

 Hollowfied Hirako
Hollowfied Hirako
 Hirako Shinj
Hirako Shinj



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