Skill Name: Death Mirage Jutsu

Skill Picture:DMJ

&nbsp Damage: None

Skill Effect: The enemy will lose 6% of max HP and CP

Duration: Effective until the enemy has used up all chakra

Launch Timing: Additional attack

Requirements: None

Proc-rate: 28%

Limitation: None

Chakra Consumption: 38 points*

Description: Decrease opponent's HP and CP each turn

In game pic:

image needed

Additional infoEdit

DMJ ongoing

Death Mirage Jutsu Ongoing


  • The Chakra consumption is based on the current CP of the character, this data was taken from a character with 2106 CP, so, the percentage of Chakra used is equivalent to x=(38/2106)*100=1.804% aprox.
  • It's not clear if it's a bug, but according to the description, this technique will be effective until the enemy's chakra runs out, but, in-game experience shows up that it's not true, even when the enemy's CP is '0' this technique is still going.
  • Any technique that consumes Chakra will remove the effect. Which is why, if a character has no Chakra left, the effect becomes permanent.
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