Frequently Asked QuestionsEdit

What is synthesis?:

Synthesis is the merging of 3 items to create something different. It can be found by going into your backpack and pressing the top button on the right. It is mostly random.

What does 1s, 2s and 3s mean?:

  • 1s: 1 stat items
  • 2s: 2 stat items
  • 3s: 3 stat items.

How do I join a group?

In the areas requiring teams there are Team Organisation Stones (at Crossroads, Eerie Passage, etc). If you click it, then click the team request tab, then click request team, soveone else looking for a team in the same area can grab you for their team.

Areas like Valhalla are slightly different, but teams you can apply for show up in a seperate window on the screen.

How do I restore movement points?

There are certain items that can restore vp. These include the Konoha Arcanum and the Toad Arcanum. You can also enter the lounge at any hall and use either gold or gift coupons to restor 20 vp per day.

The most common reference to this question though is to the server reset. Regular players get 100 vp per day, while VIPs get 130 vp per day. Server reset DOES NOT delete your character, only refeshes duels, bounty quests, daily quests, etc.

I lost my character. Who can I get it back from?

Characters are not carried over form server to server. Log out of the server you are in and log in to a different one. If its not there then try it again.

I can't buy or sell anything. What's gone wrong?

If you can't buy or sell, chances are that either you're not level 25 or the item you are trying to sell is bound. There is currently no known method to make an item "unbound".

Why is Haku a girl? He actually admitted to Naruto he was a boy!:

It's for balance. Deal with it.

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