Jiraiya BMV example

Example of Base Multiplier Value

What are Hidden Base Multiplier Values?

Hidden base multiplier values more commonly known as BMV's are slightly hidden values that increase your stats based on the respective stats.

How do I find them if they are hidden?

BMV's are located in the character page they can be seen by hovering over one of the three pillar stats.

Great Strength, Agility, Stamina

What effect do Hidden Base Multiplier Values have on my character?

BMV's play a key role in character progression, as your stats increase through equipment and upgrading your outfit, so does the effect your BMV's have on your stats.

The formula is as follows:

Stat / Bmv = % Multiplier/ base stat addition

So what does that mean?

It's much easier to understand when you can see it for yourself,

Jiraiya's Outfit Base Multiplier Values are:

12 Great Strength = 1% Attack and 1 Point of block.

12 Agility = 1% Speed and 1 Point of Dodge

14 Stamina = 1% Health Points and Chakra

Meaning every 12 Points of Great Strength the character gains will result in an increase in 1% attack and 1% block.

So for example:

A Character with the Jiraiya suit equipped possessing.

120 Points of Great Strength, 0 block, and an attack range of 100-100

Will end up with

120 Points of Great Strength, 10 Block, and an attack range of 112-112

Meaning a 12 attack increase and a 10 Block increase from the base stats for having the suit equipped.

So how does this affect my character choices?

When trying to decide on an outfit BMV's play a large role on the potential of a character using said outfit, so while an outfit may be visually enticing it could sport terrible BMV's leading to a loss in potential down the road when trying to min/max a character.

Well how do I choose the right outfit for me?

A few factors must be considered when deciding an outfit.

What is your build?

If you're building a speedster you'll want the most speed you can get thus choosing an outfit like the 4th Hokage who sports an Agility BMV of 10 would be a far better choice then Choji who sports an agility BMV of 121. While at the same time Choji who's Strength BMV is 9 with a Stamina BMV of 8 is obviously a better choice for a tank type character then the 4th Hokage who's Strength and Stamina BMV's are 13/18 respectively.

What is your budget?

While an orange outfit might be flashy and tempting with it's extra 10% boost in skill damage as opposed to a grey outfit, If you're not a gold user nor are you talented at gathering resources then a gray outfit like choji with strong BMV's would be more beneficial to you then another tanker outfit such as Gaara.

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