Las Noches is a special battle area in Demon City. The player fights increasingly difficult enemies for experience. It costs 1000 stones to enter the first floor, but you can spend gold to skip to later floors. The player can enter the area twice per day. You save Oriheme Inou after aizen captures her.

Rules Edit

  • The area must be entered alone.
  • Skills, equipment, and pets can be changed between battles.
  • The player can leave the area between battles and re-enter at any time without penalty. Progress resumes at the same floor where the player left.
  • Unlike in Valhalla, health and chakra are not restored after battle. However, health and chakra are restored automatically if there is remaining supply in the HP and Chakra Carrier Bags.
  • A faux body is used up when a player is defeated. Additional faux bodies can be purchased with gold.
  • The player is removed from the area if he or she is defeated without any remaining faux bodies. The rewarded experience is halved.
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