The Land of Fire—Fire Village:

Sakura Mainland Map.

Located at the Southwest part of Angel City, Fire Village is a place with high natural biodiversity. Due to the perception of the mystic power of nature, ninja born in Fire Village are expert in resisting and healing damages caused by all kinds of attacks and weapons.

The Land of Wind—Wind Village:

Wind Village lies in the southern part of Angel City, it is built on the vast desert, rotten screes possess rich mineral resources. Almost every villager have their own shield and weapon, which gives them the reputation of powerful attack and solid defense.

The Land of Water—Water Village:

Located at the east end of Angel City, Water Village is surrounded with fertile marsh. Plentiful rain throughout the whole year in the village makes it a place full of lakes and rivers. Villagers are good at swimming and catching fish in water. As time passes, they have grown a strong capability of aiming and resolving troubles in an instance.

The The Land of Lightning- Lightning Village:

The Thunder Village situated in the far west and deep in a forest. Lightning flashes and thunders rumbles frequently all year around, lightning will hit trees like a flying dragon at any time. The unique natural environment helps to shape the agility and quick reaction capability.

The Land of Earth—Earth Village:

Earth Village is situated in the northeast side of Angel City. With the help of steep cliffs, villagers here are skilled at rock climbing, they have extraordinary springing ability. Leaps at any time and give people a heavy blow is what they are good at most.

Neutral - Angel City:

People built Angel City near Demon City to suppress the evil forces there. The Angel City is guarded in turn by excellent ninja and samurai from the five villages. This mystic city stands upright the mountain soaring above the sky. Thick wall and solid gate protect the city from any detection. Buildings in Angel City shine like ivory under the sun. Guards wearing black suits stand on the wall in perfect unison, monitoring surrounding activities. Atmosphere inside Angel City is lively and peaceful, shops and martial clubs are everywhere. Hospitable citizens live and work in contentment. Misty cloud covers the city so that it looks like a charming fantasy land from afar.

Neutral - Demon City

Behind the mist of "Angel City" and deep in the thorn forest hides a wasted land — Demon City. Demon City was the source and shelter for Demon City, but is guarded by violent warriors. No one dares to enter the city without the permission of “Ninja Master ".

300 years ago, evil warriors was sealed by the ninja group under the leadership of " Ninja Master ", the mystic ninjutsu and a secret plot were also buried with demons
Demon City

Demon City.

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