Skill Name: Prayer

Skill Picture:Prayer

Damage: NaN

Skill Effect: Make yourself invulnerable temporarily. You will be safe from any attacks exept Secret Technique.

Duration: 9 seconds

Launch Timing: Under attack


Proc-rate: 28%

Limitation: Effective for 1 time in each battle

Chakra Consumption: 27 points

Description: Initiate a brief fete ceremony for the God of Water and become invulnerable for a moment. It's a kind of water channeling skill, but has no effect on powerful ninjutsu.

In game pic:

Prayer info

Additional InfoEdit

Exceptions: There are known exceptions where Prayer does not block 100% damage.

- Rasengan reflected damage

- Vulture Bleed attack

- Crystal Blade (Prayer reduces damage from 2x to 1x)

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