Here You Can Find

What Gets You A XXX Day Ban

1 Year

  • Trolling 3 or more times
  • Cussing 10 or more times
  • Posting VERY offencive pictures

6 Months

  • Trolling 1 or more time
  • Cussing 5 or more times
  • Posting Offence pictures *1

3 Months

  • Cussing more than 1 time
  • Breaking a page exclusive rule - extream

1 Month

  • Cussing 1 time

2 Weeks

  • Insulting a admin
  • Repeating a 1 week or less punishment after ban ends
  • Chat Offence (this also gets you banned from chat)
  • Spamming a single comment to multiaple pages

1 Weeks Or Less

  • Insulting people for small comments/oppinins
  • Breaking a page exclusive rule - miner
  • Comment spam
  • Inserting oppinions on pages *2


*1 Some Pics that would be offencive to upload are OK ONLY if they are small and used for things like signatures (i.e. guns shouldnt be uploaded but thumbnails of guns can be uploaded then used for a sig)

*2 On chat and comments oppinins are allowed - Minner oppinions are ok (I.E. dont put things like "This character is very strong" on a characters page but you can put something like "this character is good at using tank builds" on a page)

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