Welcome to the Pockie Ninjas server list. From here you can access any server that game has. Each server is the same and only there so that the game isn't overrun.


Server 1 and Server 2
Verdant Alley and Smelting Mountain

Server 3
Flowerflow River

Server 4
Dragontame Cavern

Server 5
Eventide Barrens

Server 6
Fiery Ridge

Server 7
Greenwaves Plain

Server 8
Peaked Whetstone

Server 9
Thundering Steps

Server 10
Holywood Range

Server 11
Windscent Pass

Server 12
Ashvoid Gully

Server 13
Typhoon Plateau

Server 14
Boulder Cavern

Server 15
Lush Altar

Server 16

Server 17
Dawning Wilds

Server 18
Sunrise Village

Server 19
Glowing Forest

Server 20
Eerie Passage

Server 21
Soulshatter Valley

Server 22
Death Marsh

Server 23
Despair Plains

Server 24
Dragontame Valley

Server 25
Jofuku Forest

Server 26
Soul Society

Server 27
Valley of the End

Server 28
Hueco Mundo

Server 29
Mount Byoboku

Server 30
Karakura Town

Server 31
Hokage Mountain

Server 32

Server 33
Naka ShrineNEW

Server 34
Impel DownNEW

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