Tatsuki as seen in the game

Character Name: Tatsuki Arisawa

Tatsuki is Ichigo's childhood friend and his former karate partner.

Playable: Yes

Gender: Female

Outfit Grade: Orange

Weapon: Blunt

Specialty: Vitality


Great Strength: 29(+1.35) - Max(+1.65)
11points of Great Strength increases 1% Attack and 1 point of Block.

Agility: 37(1.55) - Max(+1.85)
9 points of Agility increases 1% Speed and 1 point of Dodge.

Stamina: 22(+1.15) - Max(+1.45)
15 points of Stamina increases 1% HP and Chakra.

Skill: Vitaty Master Vitality Skills effects increased 15%

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