Valhalla is located in Demon City. A team of up to three players can battle through various gauntlet-styled stages to earn experience, stones, and possibly set equipment. Each stage is divided into smaller sections of five battles. Each battle is against three NPCs. Except for the first stage Decadent Nest, each stage also allows the player to choose between Easy and Hard mode. Hard mode gives greater awards on completion than Easy mode but the battles are much more difficult.

A player is allowed to enter a stage three times per day. An attempt is used up when the player leaves the stage early, when the player successfully completes a stage, or when the player fails a stage.

Rules Edit

  • Team size can range from one to three.
  • Team members cannot change skills, equipment, or pets once a stage has started.
  • If a team member leaves early, he or she cannot re-enter the stage and one of their attempts for the day is used up.
  • If a player dies during battle, the next player on the team takes their place and continues the battle. If all players on a team dies, the battle ends and the team will be removed from the stage.
  • After a battle, twenty percent of each team member's health and fifty percent of each team member's chakra is restored.
  • After a battle, the team leader can sort the order in which team member's fight.
  • A stage is completed when the team defeats the final boss of the last section.
  • Experience is rewarded after each battle. Stones are rewarded when a section is completed. The chance of set equipment is rewarded when the stage is completed.

Stages Edit

Decadent Nest Edit

Decadent Nest has a level requirement of eleven. This is the only stage that does not reward equipment for completion. It consists of only one section, and has only 1 level.

Valhalla Camp Edit

Valhalla Camp has a level requirement of sixteen. It consists of two sections.

Tips Edit

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