Located at the east end of Angel City, Water Village is surrounded with fertile marsh. Plentiful rain throughout the whole year in the village makes it a place full of lakes and rivers. Villagers are good at swimming and catching fish in water. As time passes, they have grown a strong capability of aiming and resolving troubles in an instance.

Water Village[edit | edit source]

The Water Village is one of the 5 villages you can be a part of, this village unlocks the following places (see table below).

Areas[edit | edit source]

Area Level Notes
Demon City NaN Village
Angel City NaN Village
Verdent Alley Lv. 1 Always unlocked - Water Village exclusive
Flowflower River Lv. 11 Water Village exclusive
Crossroads Lv. 16
Greenwaves Plain Lv. 21 Water Village exclusive
Eerie Passage Lv. 26
Dawning Wilds Lv. 31
Surprise Village Lv. 36
Glowing Forest Lv. 41
Abandoned Evernight City Lv. 46
Soulshatter Valley Lv. 51
Marsh of Death Lv. 56
Plains of Dispair Lv. 61
Dragontame Valley Lv. 66
Dragontame Forest Lv. 71
Dragontame Coast Lv. 81
Amegakure Lv. 88

Water Village.png

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