Pic Name Level Attack Description
Sharp 9151 image002 Kitchen Blade 1 14-16 A typical chopper used as a prop by ghost to scare people.
Sharp 9151 image004 Powerful Pierce 6 19-23 A pencil used for both writing and stabbing people.
Sharp 9151 image006 Bone Piercer 11 27-32 Bone Piercer inflicts enemies with a piercing wound that won't stop bleeding.
Sharp Trendy Trident 16 34-41 A delicate dining tool that functions as a useful weapon.
2 Windstrike Saber 21 42-51 Blade even cleave the oncoming winds in half.
3 Severing Slash 26 50-60 Magic Sword used to sever friendships and betraying parties. The Rumor of a curse is imbued in its blade.
4 Swift Slicer 31 59-71 A gleaming surface whose piercing rays seemingly slice everyhing to shreds.
5 Cloudflow Sword 36 67-82 Blossom patterns adorn the sword blade, a rare artifact.
6 Sunset Pierce 41 77-93 Even the sun is blotted out when Sunset Pierce is wielded in a frenzy.
7 Kikumon Sword 46 86-105 Blade forged from metal enchanted with blossom runes, exceedingly sharp.
8 Jadeshade Sword 51 96-117 Forged from jade and froststeel. Its blade is clear like a reflection.
9 Nether Slash 56 106-130 Forged from nethersteel, where it must draw its first kill from a demon before being truly complete.
10 Cloudbreak Blade 61 117-143 Slice through metal like mud. Cloudbreak Blade's namesake suggests that its cutting ability is akin to slicing clouds into bits.
Sharp 11 Bloodfield Saber 66 129-156 Drew blood from countless enemies to a point where the bloodstains on the blade can't be removed.
12 Fishbone Sword 71 139-170 Made of the spine of an abyssal marine fish and pure gold, and tempered with nethersteel.A rare artifact.
13 GoldBack Saber 76 151-184 ????????????????????????????????????????


Pic Name Level Attack Description
B1 Dogsmasher 1 14-16 Wooden bat to drive off dogs with, low damage.
2 b Wolf Fang Bat 6 19-23 A rusty iron bat, looks disgusting.
3 b Hammer of Blessing 11 27-32 Item used by all, removes various types of filth.
4 b Mythbeast Bat 16 34-41 Those who wield Mythbeast Bat are said to possess urivaled Great Strength.
5 b Earthshaker Hammer 21 42-51 With willpower, even a small stone hammer can be used to pave a road along a mountain.
6 b Punching Bat 26 50-60 The punch from heavy fist is a force to be reckoned with.
7 b Starlight Staff 31 59-71 Witches love using their magic staffs to rap black cats on their heads.
8 b Octagon Hammer 36 67-82 Only thoes learned of martial arts are familiar with the Octagon Hammer.
9 b Pumpkin Hammer 41 77-93 A pumpkin that scares even the jeebies ou of a demon.
10 b Bramble Bat 46 86-105 Bramble Bat is deadly enough to punch holes in the toughest armors.
11 b Rhapsody Hammer 51 96-117 Even if not as heavy as the exaggerated "100 tons" labeled on it, a seasoned strongman is still needed to wield Rhapsody Hammer effortlessly.
12 b Dragonfang Hammer 56 106-130 Basicaly there's no weapon that can put even the slightest dent in a Dragonfang Hammer forged from dragon fangs.
13 b Skyshock Pierce 61 117-143 Skyshock Pierce emits a screeching sound that pierces the heavens when attacks.
14 Wildhammer 66 129-156 A Rumorary weapon wielded by Demon Wildhammer.
15 ??????????? 71 139-170 ?????????????????????????????????????
16 ??????????? 76 151-184 ?????????????????????????????????????


Pic Name Level Attack Description
F1 Swiping Fists 1 14-16 Those swiped by Swiping Fists will feel the incessant itch.
F2 Sharp Bladeclaw 6 19-23 Draws blood once Sharp Bladeclaw strikes.
F3 Ravenous Wolfclaw 11 27-32 Ravenous Wolfclaw possesses amazing lethality.
F4 Banana Fists 16 34-41 Banana Fists deals normal damage, but its sliminess is a headache for enemies.
F5 Azure Fistblade 21 42-51 Azure Fistblade is imbued with the power of water, said to invoke the attack of a tsunami each time it attacks.
F6 Shadow Claw 26 50-60 Shadow Claw lashed out from the shadows, dealing a fatal blow to its victim.
F7 Grizzly Claw 31 59-71 Grizzly Claw possesses the Great Strength of a bear. Those who are slaapped by it will easily knock them a distance away.
F8 Red Lotus Claw 36 67-82 Red Lotus Claw possesses the power of fire, akin to setting enemies aflame.
F8.5 Silvershark Claw 41 77-93 Silvershark crafter from the fang of the king of the ocean. Its materials are rare.
F9 Windling Claw 46 86-105 Windling Claw is imbued with the power of the wind, coveted by all who pursue unrivaled dexterity.
F10 Flywing Claw 51 96-117 Flywing Claw is forged from the bones of ferocious birds of old. Light but sharp.
F12 Anchor Fists 56 106-130 Anchor Fist's namesake originates from its brutal force that is comparable to the thrashing waves of the sea. Enemies are hardpressed to block its attacks
F13 Demon Rune Claw 61 117-143 The runes of Anchor Fists are carved from previously boiled demonblood, imbuing it with demonic Great Strength.
F14 Respected Claw 66 129-156 Respected Claw is forged from enchnted steel and poisonous thorns.
F15 Pincer Fists 71 139-170 Pincer Fist is crafted from the shell of a crab monster, it easily snips throught enemy armor.
F16 Streamray Claw 76 151-184 The only way to see Streamray Claw's glimmer when it strikes is when your armor has been split apart by it.
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